About Us

Who we are


Our History

Banoda Oil Ltd is one of the fastest growing companies in the importation, distribution and marketing of petroleum products in the region. Since inception, Banoda Oil has established and improved standard corporate governance structure, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The company commits itself to becoming an international energy company with strong competitiveness and one of the major distributors and retailers of petroleum and petrochemical products in the region. It engages in wide range of activities related to oil and gas, including: marketing of crude and refined oil products, transportation and storage.

Banoda Oil has a deep understanding of the local and regional markets. Our services and products range cover a critical cross-section of the regional market match international best practice. Our inner financial strength, reliability and efficiency put us in a unique category. We believe in building value and credible long term relationships with our customers. We are at the forefront of delivering diverse, material and real-time solutions to meet the regions needs for more secure cleaner and affordable energy.

Our Vision

To deliver real-time solutions to meet the regions needs for more secure cleaner and affordable energy.

Our Mission

To exceed customer expectations by providing products and services in an environmentally friendly manner while caring for our stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Our Company’s foundation is built on Core Values, which distinguish and guide all our actions. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect the law, support universal human rights, protect the environment, and benefit the communities where we work.
Integrity: We are honest with others and ourselves. We meet the highest ethical standards in all business dealings. We do what we say we will do.

Trust: We trust, respect and support each other, and we strive to earn the trust of our colleagues and partners.

Diversity: We learn from and respect the cultures in which we work. We value and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the varied perspectives and talents they provide. We have an inclusive work environment and actively embrace a diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.

Partnership: We have an unwavering commitment to being a good partner, focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships with governments, other companies, our customers, our communities and each other.

High Performance: We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we strive to continually improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations – our own and those of others.

Responsibility: We take responsibility as individuals and as teams for our work and our actions, and we are recognized for doing so. We welcome scrutiny, and we hold ourselves accountable.

Growth: We embrace change and encourage innovation. We seek out and pursue smart, challenging opportunities that contribute to personal and business growth.