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Fuel Products

Banoda Oil Ltd has a transport and storage agreement with Kenya Pipeline Company allowing it to load fuel from all Kenya Pipeline Depots. It also has a hospitality agreement with National Oil Company (NOCK) and can load fuel products at the NOCK depot in Nairobi.
Banoda oil Ltd distributes the following petroleum products within the southern region;
 Jet A1
 Diesel-AGO
 Super-PMS
 Kerosene
 Fuel Oil-180cts, 125cts
 Bulk Liquid Petroleum Gas
 Industrial Diesel/Furnace Oil
 Bulk Bitumen 80/100


Banoda Oil Ltd in an effort to expand its line of products has signed an agency agreement with Chevron Kenya to distribute their Lubricants in Kenya and the neighboring countries in East Africa and the Great Lakes Region. The Chevron Line of lubricants enjoys worldwide recognition for quality of the highest standards.
Chevron Lubricant products are endorsed by the most respected certifying authorities such as;
 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS)
 American Petroleum Institute
 US military Authorities (MIL)
 The British Defense Force(DEF/STAN)
 The committee of European Engine Manufacturers

The lubricant range of products includes;
 Automotive Transmission Oil
 Brake Fluids
 Grease
 Industrial Gear Oil
 Metal Working Fluids
 Automotive Engine Oil
 Radiator Coolants
 Industrial Hydraulic Oil
 Compressor Oil
 Marine Lubricants Oil