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Our Core Business

Our core business as an oil marketing company is the marketing and selling of motor and industrial fuels.
In this regard therefore, fuels business is the most elaborate of all our other operations. The fuels business segment is broadly divided into Retail and Commercial business lines.


The Commercial Business line is in charge of supplying our medium to large scale fuel clients with motor and industrial fuels and Lubricants. We have cultivated a large commercial customer base over the years and are a preferred commercial supplier of fuels in Kenya. In addition to the motor fuels we sell within the retail segment, we supply Fuel Oil and Industrial Diesel and other specialist industrial fuels within the commercial segment.


The Retail business line which is the most visible of the 2 business lines mostly deals with the marketing and sell of motor fuels through our Service Stations. Our Service Stations are currently in Uganda and expanding to the rest of the region. The business line is concerned with ensuring that our customers gain value for their money whenever they fuel from our Service Stations. To our retail customers, we sell Premium, Regular, Kerosene and Automotive Diesel through our Service Stations